Magi Onslaught

Made for the 2014 Game Development Stack Exchange summer game jam. The theme of that game jam was to take a concept from a game and build a game around that concept with a twist or improvement.

Magi Onslaught gif.

This was my first gamejam, as well as my first big-ish project in Python, as well as my first time using libTCOD, which was kinda a terrible idea but it mostly worked out in the end.

I liked the mechanic in Magicka where you could combine elements to create different spells, but I thought it could be improved a bit. You press the buttons 1 through 4 to create an orb (Water, Fire, Earth, Air). You launch these orbs by clicking where you want them to go.

If they collide with an enemy, the enemy get's hurt. If they collide with you... so do you! But if they collide with a different orb there's a reaction, Fire and Air hitting each other creates Lightning orbs, Lightning and Earth hitting each other... destroys both of the orbs.

This is a turn based game, think about where to send your orbs and where to step to avoid getting hit, it gets hectic quite fast.

The objective of the game is to... survive, your orbs aren't peculiar about who they hurt and your HP is limited, try to get a high score! - I can't really get over 200.

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Prepackaged binary download.

Source is available on my github, specifically here: